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Legal Help in Domestic Violence

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It is possible for domestic violence victims to not seek legal help in domestic violence due to the inability to afford its cost.

In such a scenario, it is beneficial if they can get legal help and representation at affordable costs or even for free. It found that this can help people get the protective orders they’re seeking and reduce domestic violence incidence.

There are different types of interventions, like counseling or providing shelters to victims, available for domestic violence victims. However, compared to them, getting legal help can be more helpful and practical.

Low-cost legal help

Free or low-cost legal aid is quite helpful in reducing domestic violence incidents, and it is essential to note that they’re available to all victims, irrespective of their income.

It found that victims who obtained protective orders felt safe and free of exploitation even after a considerable period and could even increase their income.

Domestic violence affects not just the victims also society because it leads to increased costs of justice or services.

Protective orders can help in fewer interventions and reduced mental or physical health costs due to reduced assaults.

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