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Arizona Child Custody Laws

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Arizona child custody laws have adopted UCCA i.e. Uniform Child Custody Act. The laws allow option of joint custody to parents and guardians; and it also allow visitation rights to grandparents.

Types of Custody:

Child custody laws in Arizona are designed on the basis of two types of child custody:

  • Legal custody
    • This custody allows a parent or guardian to take child’s life’s major decisions like
      • education,
      • health care,
      • religious upbringings and more.
  • Physical custody
    • This custody decides that with which parent or guardian the child will live.

Both parents (joint custody) or either one (sole custody) can have legal custody and/or physical custody.

In joint legal custody, both parents shares authorities to make decisions for child’s life. Whereas under sole physical custody, child stays with one parent or guardian full-time, no matter if the other parent shares legal custody or has visitation rights.

Note: For joint legal custody, parents can have parenting plan to handle decisions for child rearing.

In order to understand the laws ably, it would be wise to consult a child custody lawyer in Arizona. The lawyer can help you with every query related to your case and your rights. Also he/she can assist you to prepare your case strong and negotiate with your partner regarding child custody arrangements. If your case goes for trial, the lawyer can also represent you in the court.

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