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Auto accidents are the most common reason behind most personal injury claims in the US.

Suppose you are involved in an auto accident. In that case, you might need an auto accident lawyer, primarily when the auto accident resulted in serious personal injury(s) and hefty monetary loss, and another party is responsible for this.

NOTE: Acquire as much relevant information from the auto accident scene to help yourself in the case.

Why do you need to hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Though you can file the personal injury claim yourself against the insurance company for minor vehicle damages in the form of a “fender bender.”

But if the accident resulted in major personal injuries, fatality, or other significant damage, an attorney is needed for legal representation.

Significant personal injury can be

A long-Term injury, an injury that lasts for a year or longer, disables you for a lifetime.

With the help of a skilled and experienced attorney, you can represent your case in court(if needed) and get compensation covering your losses that occurred due to the auto accident.

These expenses include loss of monthly wages, medical expenses, and vehicle repairs.

In some US states, the auto accident lawyer can also help you recover the loss of a dear one, primarily if the accident resulted from speeding, drunk, or reckless driving.

The attorney can also assist you in dealing with disputed liability and refusal of payment.

NOTE: Never leave the accident scene unless you are seriously injured and require immediate medical attention OR police officer on the place have permitted you to leave.

Leaving an accident scene abruptly is considered a crime.

When to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Hire an auto accident attorney as early as you can to avoid any mistake that can hamper your case.

You should hire the attorney right after the auto accident occurs or within 1 or 2 weeks post the accident,

However, they should do this before settling with the insurance company.

NOTE: The deadline to file a personal injury case varies from state to state. Check how you can win your injury claim.

Tips for finding the Right Auto Accident Lawyer

When searching for an auto accident lawyer, you can get hundreds of names. To hire the right one, make sure that the lawyer:

  • focuses on personal injury laws
  • has a healthy experience of auto accident cases
  • has a good reputation

Consider these tips, also follow your gut feeling to hire the right attorney.

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