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Family violence education program is a psycho educational program designed to help people to cope up with the anger, stress and frustration that one face in their lived by learning new techniques.

The Connecticut Family Violence Education Program is one of several Connecticut pre-trial diversionary programs, which, if granted, can:

  1. Suspend your prosecution case for 2 years, and
  2. Then result in the firing of your eligible charges in their whole.

Not every domestic violence cases comes under Family violence program, but experienced attorneys can help you in negotiating the resolution of your case that will help you to complete the Family Violence Program in exchange for the dismissal of all of your charges, including those that are not FVEP-eligible.

A family is challenged on many levels- emotionally, psychologically and financially, if gone through domestic violence arrest in Connecticut. But luckily, after spending millions of dollars and many years, Connecticut law enforcement along with local and state government officials, made resource platforms for both victims of domestic violence and rehabilitation and education programs for those people arrested in Connecticut for domestic violence crimes.

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