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Best practices for hiring a contractor in Washington

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If you are in a business or work front where you require contractors, you must be well aware of the legal issues.

Indeed, there are strict laws and regulations, which govern the hiring of a contractor in Washington.

If you are the employer, you need to be careful with regards to the following aspects:-

  • Workers’ compensation.
  • Wage and hour requisites.
  • Unemployment tax.
  • Safe work environment.

In a similar perspective to aid you in the process of hiring, here are the three practices you need to take care of: –

  • Personal labor

If you hire someone bringing their employees and not supervising their work, that contractor is not your employee.

In this case, your subcontractor is responsible for their employees.

It is mandatory that in such a case, the individual register as an employer with L&I.

You are not applicable for workers’ compensation premium, wage or hour requisite, unemployment tax. However, you are required to keep your job site safe.

  • Supervision

If you are supervising, you must pay the workers’ compensation, wage and hour rule applicable, and unemployment tax due. In addition, you require to keep your job site safe.

  • Established business

You have to be sure that the contractors you are hiring have an established firm of their own or not.

In this context, the answers need to be affirmative concerning supervision, a separate business, previously established business, filing of IRS taxes, necessary registrations, maintain books, construction trades, keeping books, construction trades.

In this case, no workers’ compensation requires, no wage and hour requisites, and similarly no unemployment tax. However, keeping the job site safe is mandatory.



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