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Motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol

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Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a term used when a person drives a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both. The level of blood-alcohol is used to determine whether the person is drunk or not.

Evidence suggests that higher level of alcohol in blood is directly related to a steep increase in DWI cases; driving with a BAC 0.08% or higher is considered as driving under influence. In some states BAC 0.1% or more is considered high.

From state to state, laws against DWI differ. On first offense, the violator’s license is suspended in majority of states with the length of suspension ranging from 45 days to one year. Installation of ignition interlocks on vehicles of offenders is compulsory in some states. In some others, forfeiture of the violator’s vehicles is expected.

Repeat offenders in DWI cases are challenging to handle since they are undeterred by all kinds of threats. Tackling the issue of accidents caused by them is very important. Hence efforts have been taken to strengthen DWI laws against them. Imposition of longer prison sentences and turning DWI offenses into a felony-level crime are some of them.

Other steps that can be taken to restrict repeat offenders are insisting on alcohol abuse treatment or conviction as repeat offense even if the earlier offense was more than ten years old.

Ignition Interlock Devices

Ignition interlock devices, more precisely Interlock devices with restart option can be used which need the driver to pass a breath test before starting the car. Electronic monitoring can also be done.

A combination of all these and other required measured can be applied to handle these repeat offenders. Although it is next to impossible to keep these drivers away from the roads however with the help of these measures, it is possible to make it difficult for them to repeat the offense.

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