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Divided custody and its effects

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After divorce, some parents with two or more children choose to take divided custody of their children.

It implies either parent assuming complete responsibility for one of the children they’ve agreed upon and seeing that occasionally the children get to spend some quality time with each other and the other parent.

Its hard

While on paper, this arrangement seems workable and straightforward, in reality, it is hardly so.

Both parents try to outdo each other in proving that they’ve done a better job at raising the child, and his achievements are entirely the reflection of his parents’ attentive care and dedication towards him.

The psychological effects on a child’s mind in such cases it’s not easily identified or gauged.

Some children exhibit a calm exterior even when they go through depression caused by constant threatening or violent behavior. Others act the opposite entirely by being unbending and difficult.

A child’s emotional, intellectual, psychological, and physical well-being should be paramount for parents but owing to the bitter divorce proceedings, they choose not to cooperate even for the sake of their children. This behavior isn’t in favor of their children.


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