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Unmarried parents child custody cases

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Being married does not have much bearing on the challenges that parents face legally in child custody matters. Different states have different laws in this regard. However, mother nature has custody rights of the child for its care and looking after, unless proved incapable of doing so.

If the child’s birth certificate carries the father’s name, he automatically gets accepted as the child’s legal father. Else, he has to prove that he’s suitable to get the child’s custody.

Primary custody

Primary child custody goes to the mother if she has good parenting skills, while the father can get visitation or custodial rights.

Live-in unmarried couples have to face issues like 

  • paternity
  • qualifying for benefits and policies offered by the government
  • insurance
  • visitation rights on the breakup, etc.

Marital status doesn’t affect child support needs; hence the parent having custody can ask for it.

One of the parents can add the child as a dependant for taxation purposes.

An experienced lawyer can be sought out for Unmarried parent’s child custody cases since he understands the emotions and complexities attached to it well.


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