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How Family Relations Counselors help you in Connecticut?

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Relationship issues can arise at any point of time in life. But, unfortunately, keeping relations always on track is not easy.

If any shaky moment arises, that does not mean your relationship is over, but yes, it may be a sign of calling out some help.


Family relations counselors provide all families, whether they are together or separated, with the right to use the family relation issues, ranging from better relationships to resolve the disputes.

They also help people to find out all the services that help to manage their relationship disputes, including their call on appropriate arrangements for their kids if separated.

Family services programs:

  1. Family violence arraignment proceeding: The counselor carries out pre-arraignment family violence intake and shares all the desires details. Thus includes:
  • Reviewing criminal history
  • Screening for risk of continued violence
  • Recommending the level of Protective Orders
  • Recommending treatment/services
  1. Family violence case assessment: All the cases referred to family service after the arraignment process are assessed by Family Relations Counselors.
  • Interviewing the victim
  • Interviewing the defendant
  • Discussing with the lawyer
  • Preparing detailed case assessments for the court.
  1. Pre-trial case management services: All the programs referred to as Family services are overseen by counselors.
  • Secretarial monitoring.
  • Coordination of the Family Violence Education Program (FVEP) and other court-ordered contracted and no contracted services.
  • Discussion with Family violence victim’s lawyer.

Counselor’s role in Family Civil Court:

Through a comprehensive program of dispute resolution services, evaluation, and education, Counselors help the court and client in a timely and fair resolution of family and interpersonal conflicts.

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