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Father’s rights in Indiana

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Before getting into the details of the Father’s rights in Indiana, it will be imperative for the readers to know, that Indiana uses “best interests of the child” and in accordance advocates.

General Law

  • Indiana law gives emphasis on the family unit.
  • Hence, both the parents are important.

Paternity law

  • If the couple is married when the conception or birth of the child took place, it gives right to the father to petition for custody or even visitation if they get divorced later.
  • The name of the father also comes on the birth certificate.
  • However, if the parents are not married, then within 72 hours of the birth of the child, the father can submit an affidavit of paternity, for availing the parental rights.

Custody and visitation law

The court tries to maintain family bonding.

  • Grants visitation to the non custodial parent.
  • It takes aid from the fact that who does the child wants to live with.
  • Joint custody is common in Indiana.
  • There is also the rule, that the children see their non custodial parent, every other weekend and one weekday.

Overnight visits law

  • If the father is the non custodial parent of a child, under the age of 3, overnight visitation is possible.
  • The exception to the rule is if the father had not had any overnight time before the breakup of the relationship.

Child support law

  • In order to take care of childcare and other child related expenses the child support is paid by the non custodial parent to the custodial parent.
  • The basis of the same is the need of the parent the child is with later.
  • It also depends on the need of the child.
  • And yet again the income of the parent the child is with post separation.
  • If a parent has lost the job, a petition can be filed in the court to reduce the child support obligation.
  • However, failure to pay the same in other condition may result in fines and jail.

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