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Nevada Wrongful Termination Law

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In Nevada, the at-will rule is prevalent.

This implies that employees work at will.

This, in turn, means that an employee can be fired at any time, for no acumen or any acumen at all.

However, there are exceptions which include:-

  • It is unlawful for firing due to discriminatory reasons.
  • It is wrong to fire you for retaliation for exercising your rights.
  • The employer cannot fire you against violation of an employment contract.

Hence, here is a summary of the same:-

Discriminatory filing law

1. Following federal law, it is inappropriate for an employer to fire the employee based on race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, citizenship status, or genetic information.

2. For an employer to comply with this, he or she should have a minimum of 15 employees.

3. And, for age discrimination, the minimum employees are 20 employees.

4. The employer cannot fire an employee if he or she is participating in an investigation of a discrimination complaint.

5. However, before you file the lawsuit, you are required to file a complaint with the Government agency.

6. The Nevada Equal Rights Commissions see into this matter.

7. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission also can record your claim.

Breach of contract

  • The contract can be oral, written, or implied.
  • In either of the cases, if your employer fires you without a good cause, you can claim for the breach of contract.

Wage and hour issues

  • The minimum wage for the employees is $7.25 per hour if the employers are providing a health benefit, or else $8.25.
  • Under the federal and state laws, the employees who work more than 40 hours are eligible for overtime, and hence, are liable for the same.
  • Unpaid meal break of 30 minutes for every eight continues hours of work.
  • It is, thus, illegal for employers to threaten an employee if they retaliate against the employee who provides the testimony of inappropriate wage and hour issues.

Time off work

The state and federal laws provide the employees with the right to take some time off from work for:-

  • Military leave
  • Jury duty
  • Voting
  • Family leave
  • Medical leave
  • School activities.

So, make sure of the above laws, and if you think you have been fired wrongfully, taking assistance from a lawyer will be advisable.

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