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Obtaining Alimony in Georgia is “not definite”. As per Georgia Alimony Law Courts in Georgia can

award alimony to either of the parties involved in divorce or it can totally reject the request for spousal support.

The Georgia Alimony Law differ from those of the child support and consider certain factors to award or reject alimony.

All these guidelines of alimony are found in the official code of Georgia, Title 19, Chapter 6 and Article 1.

Factors for rejecting Alimony:

  • When there are evidences showing adultery, petition for alimony can be rejected.
  • Also, there is no compulsion stated in the laws to award alimony just by basing on the needs of the ex-spouse.

Factors for consideration:

When the courts award alimony, they consider certain factors like

The standard of living set during marriage,

Duration of the marriage and

The financial resources available for each party.

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