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Are you a victim of Identity theft?

Effects of identity theft

Use our affordable services to find verified local attorney to address issues related to Identity Theft .

Identity theft can cause severe legal and financial repercussions ,which might include lawsuits from individual or company that is cheated using your name. Dealing with issues related to identity theft can eat-up hours of your time but can still persist for years.Thus hiring an attorney for identity theft is always suggested.

Your attorney will help you to review your credit reports, report the case to the police, pursue civil action against the thieves, encourage law officials to take criminal action against the thieves,  work with the creditors and clear your name.

Preventions to avoid Identity Theft

  • Always use stronger online passwords. Change them timely and keep a track of it.
  • Never share your Social Security number with anyone unless there is a legal reason.
  • Never open suspicious email links (links from unknown email id/sender).
  • Always shred important papers.
  • In case mail theft is an issue in your area, contact your local post office.
  • Review your credit report at least once a year or ask your attorney to do so.
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Identity Theft information and prevention

What is identity theft? Identify theft is when one person assumes the identity of another person, either living or dead.

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