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Legal Issues in HR Management

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Each state has its law and employment regulations related to human resource management.

These reflect labor relations, records retention, employee criminal records check, mileage reimbursement requirements for employees, etc.

HR professionals may or may not be an expert in the legal field of HR management.

Thus the need for a lawyer who can deal with legal issues to the same is quite essential to your organization.

There are laws about anti-discrimination, wage and hour, age bar, leave provisions, gratuity, medical and disability, and a lot more, which concern human resource management, the company, and its employees.

Some legal issues could be as severe as sexual harassment, breaking of a contract, project delays, dissolving of a department or a branch, resource misuse, and others.

Here the HR department has to step in and study the scenario along with its legal implications, which can be quickly dealt with a lawyer who is acquainted with HR legal issues.

Some of the other common legal issues in HR management that a lawyer can help resolve are mentioned below:

  • Privacy Policy, Employment Policy, Appraisal Policy, Company Policy, etc
  • Terminations, Unfair Dismissals, and Adverse Actions
  • Restraints of Trade
  • Dispute Resolutions and Advocacy
  • Industrial Relations
  • Performance management and investigation
  • Business Redundancies and Restructures
  • Training and Compliance

A highly experienced lawyer in legal issues concerning HR management will provide expertise in risk identification, offer tailored HR management manuals, checklists, guide handbooks and conduct interactive training throughout levels of control on all employment laws.

The attorney will keep up with the ever-changing mix of compliances for both the employees and its company, enterprise agreements, prevent a business from poaching of clients, suppliers, etc.

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How Does a Lawyer Help With HR Management?

An HR management attorney is well-versed with labor law, employment regulations, and can interact with HR clients. He/she can defend the interest of the company and its employers and add value to the role of human resources in the organization.

Such lawyers can transfer legal services to HR practices that work in the organization’s interests and mitigate the risk in HR decision-making.

The attorney will have complete knowledge of specific laws and interpret those correctly, such as those under Americans with Disabilities Act and the Equal Pay Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, etc.

Lawyers, an expert in specialty areas such as practicing before federal agencies like the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or managing workers‘ compensation, negotiating contracts can assist in transforming the HR management for better.

Important: The articles available on are neither legal advice nor a replacement for an attorney. The contents are general information and guidance concerning different legal issues. We make sure that these articles prove helpful to you, but we do not promise or guarantee that they are suitable for your condition. We also do not take responsibility for any loss that might cause to you using these articles. Hence, we strictly suggest you get expert legal advice. Consult or hire an attorney in case of any doubt.