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Marijuana Legalization and DUI law

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The month of November 2016 witnessed the Washoe County, Nevada inhabitants voting with 54.47 percent vote to the statewide Measure-2 allowance.

What does statewide Measure 2 imply now?

It will be allowing people of age 21 years and older to fabricate, transport and take marijuana. However, for the legal possession of the same it should be up to an ounce or up to an eighth of an ounce of cannabis concentrate.

It will be legalized post January 1.

What are the new laws?

  • Owning and operating retail stores are legal. However the store should not be within 1,000 feet of a school.

What will be its impact on the DUI law?

  1. For those which consume marijuana, criminal penalties are still applicable to people, which are under the influence of marijuana while driving, for people which are under 21 and in possession of it. The passing of the Measure 2 does not affect it.
  2. If the individual has more than 10 nanogram per milliliter in its system or more than 2 ng/mL of marijuana in blood level it is a crime.
  3. So, even when it is permissible to possess cannabis, smoking and consuming of the same is not allowed. And individual caught pursuing this, are fined up to $ 600.

The fact is that when an individual is under the impact of marijuana or any sort of alcohol, it portrays the same sort of symptoms of drunken driving patterns, unusual breaking and even slow acceleration.

Hence, when the police pull over them, the odor can be of alcohol or marijuana, it is a crime, if the amount is more than legally permissible.

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