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Nevada DUI DWI laws

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Under Nevada DUI/DWI laws, like the other US states, drink driving is considered a punishable offense. Therefore, DUI/DWI breaches will charge under the sections of the state’s criminal laws.

DUI/DWI charges in Nevada are not limited to drugs and alcohol only. It also applies to prescribed and over-the-counter medicines when consuming them impairs your capability of driving a car safely.

In Nevada, Illegal BAC limit for

  • drivers who are under 21 is 0.02%
  • Drivers who have a commercial license is 0.04%
  • Everyone else is 0.08%

Statutes of Nevada:

Some of the important statutes surrounding the Nevada state include the following:

  • Illegal Per Se Law:
    • This state law comes into force when an individual violates the legal BAC limit, which is generally 0.08%.
  • Implied Consent Law:
    • According to this law, an individual can subject to chemical testing without refusing it.
    • This testing includes the analysis of blood, urine, or even breath to check the blood alcohol content in the individual.
  • Open Container Law:
    • Under this law, it is illegal to drive a vehicle having opened alcoholic drinks anywhere in the vehicle.
    • However, the law doesn’t apply to passenger areas of buses, taxis, or the RV’s living areas.

Penalties for DUI/DWI (1st offense):

  • Revocation of license for 90 days
  • Monetary penalty
  • Ignition Interlock Device
  • Jail sentence
  • Mandatory to attend a DUI school or substance abuse treatment program.

NOTE: Penalties depend on the severity of the offense caused. Also, the more offenses you commit, the strict the penalties would be.

To understand Nevada’s DUI/DWI laws and for any other query related to it, you can consult or hire an expert DUI/DWI attorney.

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