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Alimony often referred to as “spousal allowance” is called the “spousal maintenance” and is the money paid by one spouse to support the other even after the end of marriage.

Alimony law in Alabama has a legal obligation to financially support each other and

it is extended to preserve the economic status of the low earning spouse even after divorce.

This spousal maintenance in Alabama is of two types. They are:

Temporary Alimony:

Often called the “Pendent lite”, is the amount payable to the party in need during the trial sessions.

Permanent Alimony:

It can either be a gross value or a periodic amount payable on a regular basis upon the final decree of the court.

Certain factors are taken into consideration by the circuit court even before granting the alimony.

They include:

  • The earning ability of the spouse and the future prospects.
  • Age and health conditions.
  • The length of the marriage (should not be less than 10 years).
  • Standard of living during the marriage and their conduct.

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