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How To File A Civil Lawsuit Against Somebody?

Civil lawsuit are not limited to crime and punishment. They are more expensive, covering legal issues like breach of contract, property disputes, lawsuits against government agencies, child custody, animal cruelty, etc. Here are the required steps to file a civil lawsuit in the United States – Step 1: Filing a formal complaint initiates every lawsuit. The document includes the grounds for filing and the claims made by the plaintiff. It consists

What Happens to Your Child if You Don’t Have a Will?

The conversation around death and the protection of your family is an uncomfortable yet crucial aspect to address. People tend to ignore the vitality of a will. However, what often goes unnoticed is how will document, all instructions regarding your assets, finances, and custody following your demise. What is a Will? Will is a legally binding document, which is effective following your death. Your lawyer or a court order puts it into action. It a

How can a lawyer help you in annulment?

Annulments offer a unique solution where a married couple can nullify their marriage by deeming the marriage certificate invalid. It gives a more straightforward solution out of an association on reasonable grounds. Each state differs in family laws, and a lawyer can assist you through the legal nuances to handle the situation. As civil annulment voids the marriage, the spouses become single again as if they were never married. The grounds for an

How Is Child Custody Decided In Divorce?

Whenever a couple gets divorced, the issue of child custody becomes important. While both parents might do their bit in ensuring that their child’s interests are best looked after, it is possible that the judge might not agree with them. However, certain standard rules are applied. A child’s feelings in a custody case are important, and a judge has to consider them, if not rely on them entirely. The parent providing constant care to the child

10 Qualities of a Good Lawyer

Thousands of lawyers are practicing out there claiming to be a professional to the world. Still, people get disappointed when the latter find out they are not competent enough to handle their legal issues successfully. However, Certain qualities differentiate a ‘lawyer’ from a ‘good lawyer’ and they are essential to take note of to identify a good lawyer. They include: 1. Good communication skills: A good lawyer should have public speakin

Four Benefits of An Employee Assistance Program

An employee assistance program is designed to provide support to employees in the workplace situation to deal with family problems, mental health problems, substance abuse, and other problems in their personal or professional life. Major businesses generally contract with an employee assistance program provider who provides guidance counsellors for offering confidential services for no cost. What Are Some Employee Assistance Program Benefits For

Why you need a real estate attorney?

It takes a lifetime decision to buy or sell a property. Apart from the financial deals, one needs to know the legalities of the transfer. Not all are aware of the complex laws and procedures of real estate deals. A real estate attorney can help guide the buyer or the seller on doing the right needful. Here are some reasons why a real estate attorney is vital for your property deals: They are experts in local laws: While the agents of real estate

When you need lawyer?

The main thing that separates our civilized societies from the Anarchies that reigned during the cave men is laws. Rules ensure that everybody is living together peacefully and respectfully. Unfortunately, the law might seem more like an enemy than a friend. During these times, hiring lawyers could help you significantly. So, when should you hire a lawyer? That’s terrible situations when you need a lawyer It’s essential to follow the

Identity Theft information and prevention

What is identity theft? Identify theft is when one person assumes the identity of another person, either living or dead. Why would someone do this? Most likely for fraudulent or criminal reasons and often in an attempt to gain credit. By using the personal details of another person, the fraudster – or identity thief – can make financial gains without exposing themselves to risk. Alternatively, they can cover their tracks and make dete

Arizona Lemon Law

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Warranties Law (under Arizona Revised Statutes 44-1261 and 1267) conveys your rights related to a ‘lemon.’ When you purchase an automobile, you would want to know if the same is protected or not. The Arizona Lemon Law applies to new automobiles so that you can fix the issues with dealer or manufacturer of the vehicle amicably or through legal action in case they deny compensation or repair for the defective vehicle y

What is Veteran Employment and Training Service

The Veteran Employment and Training Service – VETS, is an organization that serves the veterans in America by protecting their employment rights and offering them employment resources and expertise. This agency is a part of the Department of Labour, immensely involved in assisting the veterans in transforming their military lives to public life. They train them and help them look for good jobs. The organization is also involved in protecting th

How Does a Tax Attorney Assist Small Businesses?

Small business owners and business people must pay tax on the income and profit they earn from their initiative or company. If you pay income-based business tax as per Schedule C, then all your personal and business income comes under the business tax calculation.   IRS rules state you must pay at least 90% of income and self-employment taxes within one year. Otherwise, you will face penalties. One way of avoiding these penalties is to enlis

US foreclosure attorney

If you're facing a problem such as impending foreclosure, you should hire a reasonable US foreclosure attorney right away.   Below are tips that could help you making your foreclosure problem bearable with an excellent chance of winning because of a good foreclosure lawyer. 1. If you have no idea where to find a good foreclosure lawyer, you can Google and search for lawyers practicing in your area who specialize in cases similar to yours. Yo

6 tips on how to properly handle your divorce case

Are you in a hot divorce mess right now? Clearly, you need a divorce attorney to make your divorce process go smoothly, but sometimes in the middle of the divorce process, couples often make poor decisions in the heat of the moment and regret later. To make sure you don’t disappoint with your choices later, there are few key points you should keep in mind. 1. Be honest with your lawyer There’s nothing more a good lawyer hates than a disho

How to win your personal injury claim?

If you want to get the money you think you deserve for your injury claim, there are a few crucial factors you must consider. Know that you can get compensation for things that are hard to monetize like pain, suffering, emotional distress, and even strain in the relationships with the family. One crucial tip: make sure you emphasize these hard to monetize issues when you file a complaint. To make sure you win the personal injury claim, you should