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Submit a Request...Receive the help you need!
We've helped 20 clients find affordable attorneys today.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Legal Network

We put efforts to get you cost-effective legal protection and not just believe in offering legal service you need but go a step ahead in assuring that the legal protection actually yields the results you seek. Thus, at, we handpick or partner law firms after serious consideration so that there is no room of disappointments at your end.

Past a decade, we’ve selected finest law firms all across the North America in order to bring you best satisfaction from services. We select law firms based on their size, service philosophy, and capacity in providing expert and accountable legal services when you require those the most. Network attorneys in our network must:

  • Adhere to strong service philosophy comparable to the high standards we abide by
  • Have a clear reputation with the state bar association
  • Comprehensively cater to clients’ legal needs and appreciate their everyday legal requirements in a timely manner

Affordable Legal Services strives to get you affordable local legal advice in shortest time. For as little as $20 monthly, you and your family can connect with local attorneys who offer myriad services and possess complete legal knowledge about your legal issues or subject at hand.

Our matching services come totally free and customized to enable you to streamline your legal search. In addition, pre-screened legal experts are reachable quickly, so you can get connected with them right away.

Education and Resources

Our site content is frequently updated to provide you with the comprehensive listing of legal articles, available services, and other resources.

We are dedicated to help you get answers to your legal questions. Our mission is to enable quick access to information and keep them updated with education on legal matters.

In case you need assistance to organize your search while looking for a particular topic, our Legal Resources Library section will provide neatly organized resource articles, which inform about many areas of law.

If you still are unable to get answers to your legal queries, then you have to consult directly with an attorney.
Simply fill out the form given above and we will help you connect with an expert local attorney who specialized in the specific area of law. Our experienced attorneys will surely make you feel a difference and solve all your legal questions.

We Care!

At, We take your opinion seriously. When we are able to provide you a legal connection we will send you a follow-up email, requesting you to provide us your valuable feedback.

We would love to know your valuable suggetions, your feedback helps us to assist you better, rate us, expand our services and offerings and improve our customer services.

What is a legal plan?

A legal plan is like having your own lawyer on retainer.

The prepaid plan allows you to use a network of experienced lawyers for covered services. The lawyer(s) will provide consultation, advice and representation on unlimited legal issues.

There are different legal services companies like LegalShield and LegalZoom available in US providing legal service products at an affordable prices.

These companies brings many qualified lawyers and experienced law firms under one roof. There network of law firms handle your legal matters and provide legal counsel you deserve.

What is covered by legal plans?

There are variety of legal services products available and there legal plans can cover services for almost every legal issue related to:

  • Personal (family matters, auto accidents, IRS, document presentation, etc.)
  • Small Business (securities, tax, HR, contracts, debt collection, etc.)
  • Tragic accidents, license reinstatement,moving violations, etc.

In case of personal issues,legal plans not only cover individuals but also the spouse, children/minors and dependents.

When you have a legal plan, you receive various legal services including – consultation/advice on number of issues, representation in court, your lawyer makes calls and/or sends letters letters on your behalf, document and contract review, etc.

*It is suggested to review the complete plan to understand complete terms & conditions, amount(s), coverage  and exclusions.

Why legal plans are good for you?

Of course, you can always hire an attorney when one is needed @ $300+ per hour; but do you really need to hire expensive attorney when legal plans are available to provide you same peace of mind, unlimited consultation and representation for a year in place of one hour fee from an attorney

  • As said above, legal plans are prepaid means you do not have to pay hourly fees to the hired attorney making legal services cost effective for you.
  • Not only cost effective but legal plans are also time efficient since it allows quick access to various best law firms and wide network of highly experienced lawyers. ergo, you simply and promptly connects with attorneys interested to contest for you legally.
  • Legal plan members can get legal counsel and advice by just calling a toll free number.
  • Legal plans means quick response and swift process. This is because every law firm has number of lawyers skilled in different law areas. Hence there definitely is an experienced lawyer to help you with your case.
  • If you have a legal plan, you are automatically eligible for Member-only discount on pre-existing issues.

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