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How to prevent foreclosure?

HomeForeclosureHow to prevent foreclosure?

If you have fallen behind the loan installments due to some economic difficulties and a foreclosure sale by the mortgagee is looming, then seeking legal aid is the only way to prevent the fore-coming tragedy.

What is foreclosure?

Foreclosure, as we all know, is a legal process, followed by a mortgage lender as an attempt to recover his loan by the sale or auction of a security asset from the person who failed to pay back the loan, i.e., the mortgage borrower.

Here are a few considerations to prevent foreclosure in a legal procedure.

The options:

As a borrower at a loss, one needs not walk away, leaving the asset but can consider few options to check the foreclosure. They include:

  • Negotiate terms with the lender:

Instead of keeping quiet till something goes wrong, reach the lender and explain to him the issue if you cannot make the payment due to any unexpected issue.

If it is a temporary adjustment, mostly, it goes fine.

  • File for bankruptcy:

Filing a bankruptcy will immediately stop the foreclosure, but even before doing so, one must know the rules of personal bankruptcy.

  • Apply for a loan modification:

Try to modify the loan amount installments by applying for a loan modification.

Rather than getting nothing, even a lender will switch to loan modification. So get in terms and switch to low-interest loan plans that can be manageable.

  • A Forbearance:

It is a better option than foreclosure, where the lender stalls the foreclosure temporarily.

The borrower is allowed to make partial loan payments or no payments for a particular period in this.


After all, one can also seek a counselor to get directed better on how to proceed in these situations.

But never ignore a legal document or notice from the law courts or the lender, as this may drag you into more trouble.


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