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6 Ways A Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

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You got a traffic ticket. It’s the first time you have broken the law. And you don’t know whether you should pay the ticket and take the points or fight this ticket – with the help of a traffic lawyer – in court to keep your record clean.

Confused Person

For states and cities, traffic violations are an easy means to fill empty coffers. Modern technology makes finding minor violations easy and sends a ticket automatically.

Insurance companies are also increasing surcharges on licenses with points to dissuade drivers from violating traffic laws.

Keep all these points in mind; it’s advisable to hire an attorney to fight your ticket in traffic court. The direct cost far outweighs the overall cost of the violation.

Here are some factors that will help you understand how an attorney will help you in traffic court.

1. It saves time

Attending court and fighting your case is a time-consuming affair.

It is equally troublesome for working and non-working people.

Added benefit
There is the added benefit that an attorney is an expert at handling traffic violations

A traffic lawyer knows the courtroom where the case is presented. They see the judge who will preside over your case. That frees you of the ordeal of finding the courtroom, paying court fees, and all the other complications of fighting your case.

An attorney will present your case on your behalf and allow you to attend to other pressing matters.

2. A traffic lawyer will advise on the best course of action.

Let’s say you intend to fight the ticket in court. However, looking at the key, an experienced attorney will tell you whether fighting the ticket in court is in your best interest.

That said, a plea bargain is another excellent way to get the acceptable and accompanying punishment reduced.

As a defendant, you are not experienced enough to know when to enter into a (plea) bargain and when to fight in court.

A traffic lawyer can better guide you on the best course of action.

3. Experience

A traffic lawyer handles dozens of briefs daily.

They are way more experience than an individual contesting their first traffic violation.

They can tell whether they can dismiss the ticket, the fine reduced, or whether the access needs to be paid in full.

It allows the client to decide whether to fight the ticket or pay the fine.

4. Economics

The word attorney paints a picture in people’s minds of a massive bill at the end.


Don't Pay More

Today, that scenario is changing. In the past, a traffic ticket would cost you a fine and some points on your record.

On the contrary, today, traffic tickets mean acceptable amounts for the city, surcharges for the county, and more taxes for the state. These two, when combined, often exceed the total ticket amount.

On the insurance front, points on your license for the next two to three years lead to higher surcharges that you will pay for the next two to three years.

A traffic citation will cost you heavily for two to three years. But on the other hand, a lawyer’s fee gives the defendant a chance to clean their record and save money in the long run.

5. A traffic lawyer has regular exposure to the court.

Any traffic lawyer that deals with ticket violations will have a friendly adversarial relationship with the Prosecutor’s Office. They meet these people daily. They know whether they will pursue a ticket or settle for a (plea) bargain.

The same holds for traffic court judges.

They know whether a judge is unusually strict about speeding violations. They know whether the judge will go easy on a first-time offender with an otherwise clean record.

6. Prosecutor’s Leniency

When an experienced traffic lawyer takes on a case, the prosecution knows the defendant cannot badger.

What is badgering? When the same question asks repeatedly, the defendant makes a mistake in answering the question due to the repetitive nature of the questioning.

Another benefit of a traffic lawyer’s representation is that the prosecution will not require a harsher punishment.

It has been proven defendants are represented – in traffic violation cases – by an attorney, with reduced penalties than the defendants described themselves.


Traffic lawyer help for a traffic violation may seem excessive at first; nonetheless, the overall benefits far outweigh the initial cost.


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