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How to handle wrongful job discharge in Colarado?

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Colorado follows “employment at will” policy.

This means that neither the employer nor the employee has to provide a reason or notice if he/she wants to quit the job.

However, this is 100% true in theory but in practical there are number of changes are applied by Colorado statutes and courts.

Generally employees think that there is no specific legal claim for this wrongful termination or discharge.

Recognized by Colorado courts, it refers to some specific legal claims that allows employees, if they were being terminated because of opposing illegal conduct or any public policy, to sue for damages they faced, Just because the termination is wrong or unjust, there is no specific legal claim that an employee can file against the employer.

Wrongful Job Discharge

Employees can claim high six figures as a result of loss of employment, wrongful job discharge claims generally involve specific claimed damages.

A current serving employee may get recovery for lost benefits, emotional suffering damages, punitive damages and in some cases they even get attorney fees and costs.

If you are wrongfully discharged from your workplace, it’s a good idea to consult a lawyer.

A lawsuit can be filed either with a government agency which imposes labor laws or in a private lawsuit.

A lawyer can help you in strengthening your case and accessing the claims.

A lawyer can let you know all the options which you want to precede it whether it is to get your job back or negotiation for severance or suing your employer in court.

If the violation by your employer is related to any particular part of state or federal law, you have an option to contact Equal employment opportunity commission, Occupational and Safety Hazards Administration, or your state’s labor offices.

If you are still working and have not been terminated yet officially, an experienced wrongful job discharge attorney can help you in negotiating suitable severance package that includes adequate compensation.

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