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How to do Medical Malpractice claim?

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When you reach out to a doctor, the simple objective is to get healed from a disease or a disorder. However, there are instances when patients become a victim of medical malpractices.

If you or your family member has become a victim of the same, it is your right to get claim for it. Though, there are different laws and rules which govern the procedure, hence it will be best to have knowledge of the Medical Malpractice Basics.

There are some requisites for you to put the claim as given here:-

  1. You should have had a doctor- patient relationship with the physician. This implies that you can only sue the doctor who has actually treated you.
  2. For you to claim a doctor, for his negligent behavior, he should have been negligent in diagnosis or treatment.
  3. You will also be required to prove that it was the incompetence of the doctor which caused the injury or death.
  4. The patient can sue a doctor if, he or she has experienced some sort of physical or mental pain, more medical bills, or problem in the work place due to the damage caused by the malpractice of the doctor.

There is a list of common medical malpractice, which, if experienced by you, can be inculcated for the claim:-

  1. Failure to diagnose
  2. Proper treatment is not given
  3. When a proper warning is not given to the patient

What are the some specific rules for such cases?

  1. The case must be filed and brought to notice as soon as the inception of the injury, suffering or damage takes place.
  2. There are some states which have a special medical malpractice panel, which review the case before it is sent to the court.
  3. In some states, the patient is required to send a special notice to the concerned doctor before filing the case.
  4. There is also required the testimony of experts in such cases.

However, knowing and understanding medical malpractice basics not enough always; you need to get legal aid too because medical malpractice laws are complex and varies from state to state. You need to hire a good and experienced attorney.

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