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To provide risk coverage to the insuree, insurance plays an important role. The Arizona insurance department works under the environment where each and every person is treated equally with dignity.


For insurance carrier, adjusters, agents and brokers, attorney’s, accountant’s, engineer’s, salvors, restoration contractors, automobile shops, and other vendors, Arizona insurance claims association is the leading claim association within the state of Arizona.

Auto insurance

In Arizona, before registering a vehicle, proof of responsibility is a must document to have. This proof can be in the form of insurance certificate, any bond or certificate of deposit or cash of $40,000.

You must have 2 types of coverage to show proof of financial responsibilities:

  1. Personal injury or bodily injury: Under this you will get paid for the bodily damages which are caused due to an auto accident you were involve in.
  2. Property damage: This protects you for damages caused by you to the vehicle or other property during accident.

Coverage limits:

  • For bodily or personal injury, the coverage is $15000 per person and $30,000 per accident,
  • For property damage coverage, it is $10,000.

The amount of coverage specified above is the maximum limit that will cover for your loss. If the loses exceeds the coverage limit, you need to pay for the rest amount.

Individual health insurance:

It is quite simple, individual health insurance covers the loss of an individual and his family. Due to the complexity of coverage offering and cost, it is advised to take help professional insurance producer while purchasing any plan.

Whether you are buying the insurance policy inside or outside the exchange, it must cover all the essential health benefits.

A metal tier is used to find the richness of a plan purchased. These tiers are based on the percentage of benefits it provides to the member under the plan:

  1. Platinum plans: It pays as much as 90% of benefits. These are most expensive and generous.
  2. Gold plan: It pays 80% of medical expenses.
  3. Silver plan: expected to pay 70% of the medical expenses.
  4. Bronze: expected to pay 60% of the medical expenses.

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