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A lemon in this context refers to a new vehicle that has a warranty covering defects that may come up in the vehicle, that to a great extent make the use and value of the vehicle dwindle. The defects that plague these vehicles cannot be as a result of the vehicle being abused, modified or altered without authorization or neglected.

Whenever you realize that the purchased vehicle is a Lemon, it is imperative that you act fast and report the defect to the manufacturing company in the form of writing. This should be done during the time of warranty of the vehicle, or during a period of one year after the date, the vehicle was delivered to you, whichever day is earlier.

The State of Oklahoma has a public protection unit that provides protection for consumers that are open to being treated unfairly during trade practices. This public protection unit makes sure that consumers are being treated fairly and in situations where they are not treated fairly, they can take up the case in court against the merchant.

Before a consumer can become qualified under the Oklahoma Lemon Law, there are two conditions that must be met:

  1. The vehicle which the consumer purchased must have been subjected to repair for the same issue several times under the warranty of the manufacturing company. The minimum number of times that can be regarded as several in this situation is four.
  2. The purchased vehicle should be out of service as a result of the defect for a minimum number of 45 days.

The compensation to be offered to the consumer under this law includes a refund, replacement or compensating the individual using cash.

The Oklahoma Lemon Law has certain features that make it important for consumers and merchants to have a safe and smooth transaction.

  • Some citizens of the state are already registered with the consumer registry. In such case of being registered, the provision made by the State through the Oklahoma Telemarketer Restriction Act, that prevents businesses in the state from making calls to solicit for patronage from these citizens holds true.
  • This Oklahoma Telemarketer Restriction Act, however, does not apply to all organizations. Such organizations that the Oklahoma Telemarketer Restriction Act do not apply to include charitable or religious organizations, nonprofit organizations and also political candidates.
  • The law postulated by Oklahoma Lemon Law is designed to ensure that the merchant or trader is liable to return the total price at which the vehicle was purchased by, including the duties of the vehicle and all the taxes that was attached to it. This law, however, holds true in a situation where the purchased vehicle could not be repaired after the damage has been caused to it, but only after several attempts has been made at repairing it.
  • The Oklahoma Lemon Law, however, does not apply to all motor-driven vehicles. The vehicles to which the Lemon Law do not apply to include motor driven vehicles whose gross weight is greater than ten thousand pounds, as well as motorhomes (or RVs).

If you feel like your rights are been trampled on by the manufacturing company, it is your right to contact a private attorney and seek legal advice from them.

In order to protect yourself from losing out on the Lemon you purchased, you need to:

  • Read the manual that comes with the car you have newly purchased and follow the guidelines for maintenance
  • Keep detailed records of maintenance including warranty work and append dates on them.
  • Make a written list of the defects you observe on the vehicle and give a copy of the list to the technician when you take it out for repair.
  • Keep copies of the repair orders and ensure that they detail the work done and the duration of the vehicle at the repair shop
  • Keep records, and receipts for all the expenses you make including towing charges.


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