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Basics of filing income tax in Indiana?

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Filing income tax is a tedious task. However, it is, at the same time, an imperative aspect.

If you are an inhabitant of Indiana, here are provided some basics concerning filing income tax.

It will aid you in the process.

  • Eligibility criteria-

An Indiana individual with an income higher than exemptions is liable to file for the income tax.

Even if you have received income from Indiana, living outside this place implies you are liable for tax filing.

  • Residency status-

There is a disparate filing per the residency status. So it needs to take into consideration.

  • Choosing the apt tax-

You will be required to witness or take a look at the common returns and guide you in the choice of the apt tax.

It needs to be the one which suits your situation.

  • Date of filing of tax return-

Due Date

The due date for filing of income tax return is April 15.

It is the end of the tax year; however, when this date falls on a weekend or a holiday, the date shifts to the next business day.

  • Tax credits-

There are a plethora of credits that you can claim on your Indiana income tax return.

The common ones include:-

Automatic taxpayer refund credit,

college credit;

Indiana has earned income credit,

school scholarship credit, and so on.

  • Tax deductions-

Indiana tax deductions are utilized to decrease the amount you pay in taxes.

However, to pursue the same, you will be required to claim the same when you file the form, Form IT-40, IT-40PNR, or IT-40RNR.

  • Claim for refund process-

The refund can issue within the time slot of 90 days without any interest.

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