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How to file divorce in Florida?

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Steps to file a divorce in Florida

In Florida, each circuit makes of one or more counties. Each of these has a different requirement and needs.

Hence, when you are out of their filing for divorce, it is best to take aid from the website for your circuit or hire an attorney.

However, here are provided some general steps which are common in most of the instances when you file a divorce in Florida:-

  1. Preparation of your forms
  • You are required to submit the correct type of form belonging to the apt circuit.
  • For you to file a divorce in a county, you should have been residing in the county for at least six months before you have submitted the separation.
  • The first form in which you are required to file is “Petition for Dissolution of marriage.”
  • You are required to take care of all the issues when filing the form for divorce, such as assets, debts, child support, child alimony, child custody, and so on.
  • You will be liable for “Simplified dissolution of marriage” if you and your spouse have no issue on property division or if there are no children under 18.


However, you will be required to fabricate and sign a settlement agreement that covers property and debt division in this case.

  1. Filing of forms
  • Before filing the form, you will require to have your petition notarized.
  • You need to give a copy of your signed and notarized petition to a clerk along with the fee. The clerk returns you a copy with a date stamp.


However, you should have a copy for yourself as well as your spouse.

  1. Serving your forms
  • When you give a copy of the same to your spouse, the process is called the serving of a petition.
  • If your spouse accepts the same, either they or the attorney needs to send it to “Answer and Waiver of Service.”
  • The sheriff’s office of the county will be able to deliver the same by your location.


However, if you cannot find your spouse, you can still pursue the process by “constructive service” by a local newspaper notice.

  1. Financial disclosures
  • By the laws of Florida, within 45 days of serving the petition, you are required to provide a completed and signed financial affidavit to your spouse.
  • You are required to involve income, assets, debts, tax returns, bank statements, credit card statements, personal financial statements, etc.



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