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New jersey child custody

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Separation can greatly affect your relationship with the children involved. Therefore, it is pretty imperative for the parents to spend some quality time with the child so as to prevent the hard consequences resulting post divorce.

To help and prevent interstate issues, New Jersey has adopted UCCA i.e. Uniform Child Custody Act.

New jersey child custody, alike other states of US, state whether the parents can have joint custody, visitation rules and process of ordering child custody. While deciding on custody, the court mainly consider child’s best interest.

Besides child’s best interest, the court also consider following factors (not limited though):

  • Child’s preference if he/she is 12 or older
  • Parents’ fitness
  • Child’s interaction with his/her parents
  • Home environment stability
  • Employment stability  of parents

For joint custody, the court will judge parents’ ability to communicate and agree with each other as well as their cooperation level in favor of child. Court will also check any history of drug/alcohol and domestic violence.

In order to avoid any kind of error while negotiating with your spouse/partner on child custody arrangements, it is always advised to hire a child custody lawyer. Having experienced legal assistance also helps you what to expect from the trial and prepare for it (if needed).


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