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According to New Jersey child support guidelines – 1) providing child support is both parents’ continous duty, 2) children have right on the current income of both parents, and 3) a child should not be a victim of failed marriage, especially economically.

The New Jersey child support laws decides on different aspects related to Child Support including provision of child support payments, termination of support payments, sharing of support payments among parents, etc.

  • The court will take various factors into account like needs of the child, financial resources of the parents, child’s independent resources, etc. before deciding the final support amount.
  • The child’s college education expenses will also be scrutinized to determine the liability of the parents.
  • The support payments will be terminated when the child reaches the age of eighteen or completes high school whichever is earlier.

Reasons to get a child support lawyer

Raising a child is expensive; from daycare to basic living, medical and education everything comes with a price tag. The situation becomes much difficult when you are divorcing, hence you need effective solutions between you and your spouse to manage the child’s expenses. However, there could be issues between you and your spouse while negotiating the finances for child support. This is where the child support lawyer is needed. Being experienced and trained with child support laws, he/she can help you negotiate well with your spouse.

Besides, If you have received any warrants as a result of not keeping up with your child support payments, your child support lawyer can help you in this too. The lawyer will prepare documents, negotiate your case and even represent you in the court, if needed.


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