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Oklahoma DUI DWI laws

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Drink Driving in Oklahoma can be a misdemeanor or a felony.

Drink driving is a crime, and one found guilty with a  Blood Alcohol Content of 0.08% or above can be charged under the Oklahoma DUI DWI laws of the state.

The laws:

  • Every individual driving a vehicle can be submitted to a chemical test for drink driving.
  • Refusing the test for some reason is chargeable, and the license can be suspended.
    • The Department of Public Safety can be given the right to prosecute an individual whose license is suspended for various DUI /DWI related reasons.
  • When convicted for DUI/DWI,
    • the criminal charges, as well as the penalties, vary widely depending upon the prior charges,
    • a misdemeanor or a felony level as well as the place where the case is heard.

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