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Things to consider before reporting the accident

HomeAuto AccidentThings to consider before reporting the accident

Most car accidents are just minor and don’t really involve injuries and other serious conditions. These accidents usually happen when you back up in the parking lot, or you miscalculated the distance of the car ahead before you stopped or in the intersection when you hesitate during a red light.

These minor car accidents may not involve injuries, but they still inflict damages on your car, like bumps and dents. Now the question is would it be wise to still report the accident to the authorities?

Things to consider before reporting the accident

The circumstances, the facts and the state where the accident happened should determine whether you have to report the minor accident or not.

There are states that require the driver to report the accident even if it only involves minor injuries or just a small damage to the vehicle. While there other states that requires a certain amount of damage before reporting the accident. These amounts are usually $1,000 or $2,500.

When accidents like these happen, it always best to exchange information with the other driver. Make sure you get his or her contact information and insurance information. Most states usually require this exchange of information.

If the driver does not cooperate or if it evident that he or she does not have any insurance, then it is best to ask the assistance of law enforcement’s. The authorities will record the facts and information properly.

The assistance of law enforcement’s recording the information of the accident can help you in the long run. There are injuries that surface after a few days, but with the authorities’ recorded data, you can prove that you got that injury from the accident.

If you plan to report you minor accident due to injuries or small damages to your car, it would be best to consult or hire an attorney.

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