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Virginia Child Support Laws

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Code of Virginia section §20-108.2 et. seq. specifies that both the parents of the child, whether married or unmarried will have liability towards providing child support payments.

  • The support obligation of the parents will be determined based on the combined incomes that include incomes from all sources like dividends, salaries, pensions, retirement benefits, etc.
  • The percentage applied on the combined incomes will also depend on the number of children.
  • Generally, the obligation will be anywhere around 10% to 25% of the parent’s income which varies based on the parenting time spent by the parent.
  • The support amount can be challenged in court based on any contrary written agreement relating to child support, to provide for a better standard of living, or considering the child’s standard of living.
  • Child Support payments continues until the child turns 19, but it can last for longer if the child is yet not graduated high school, or have some mental or physical condition which demands extra support.
  • Modifications in the child support order can be asked, if situations have been changed. However, the changes should be major, permanent and unexpected.

How an attorney can be helpful in child support?

Laws can be complicated to understand, hence it would be a good idea to hire an attorney specialised in child support laws of Virginia. The attorney will not only help you to understand certain laws and guidelines but can also help you negotiate with your partner for the child support agreements.

Your attorney can also prepare you for every court appearance.

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