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Divorce in the state of Pennsylvania

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There are four basic classification of divorce in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • First one is the Mutual consent divorce where 3 months after the divorce petition has been served upon the Defendant;

both partners can register an affidavit consenting to the legal separation.

  • The court can then sanction the divorce.

In case an agreement cannot be done, there can be a hearing and the judge will give verdict.

  • The 2nd one is a 2-year separation divorce where if one of the spouses disagrees to sign an affidavit consenting to the separation,

the other spouse can wait until the spouses have been disassociated for 24 months.

  • The 3rd one is Fault divorce where the complainer should prove at the hearing that

the complainer is innocent of misbehaving and that the opposite party is guilty.

  • If the defendant shows that the complainer mistreated him or her, then the judge may disagree the divorce.
  • The 4th one is Mental hospital where the judge can grant a separation if

the defendant has been in a mental hospital for the last 1 and half year and is expected to be there for more.

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