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Divorce or separation in Arizona

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Divorce, mainly referred as “dissolution of marriage” in Arizona often involves important issues about the legal rights of the partners and of any offspring involved.

Queries about specific situations should be consulted with an attorney.

Only the court can legally end a bonding. However, partners are free to agree upon as many conditions of the separation as possible.

  • In Arizona, residency requirement (i.e. one of spouses must be a domicile of Arizona or must have positioned in Arizona as army personnel for at least 90 days before filing the petition)  should be matched else the court will not accept the case or the case will eventually be dismissed.
  • As Arizona is a no-fault state, none of the spouses need to give reasons for the dissolution of marriage. Only one partner requires to assert that divorce is the only solution. For “covenant marriages” grounds for the divorce need to be proved.
  • If one partner is not ready for the divorce, he/she has to attend a conciliation meeting with the court and the divorce will be put on hold for 60 days.

If kids are involved in the divorce, child custody can be an issue.

At the time of seeking divorce or “dissolution of marriage” specific parenting time for child support should be provided by the Superior court. Parents of junior children are needed by state law of Arizona to attend an education class.

Notification about the Class can be obtained from Arizona state website under the subtopic Other Family Issues.

If your case for dissolution of marriage goes to trial, you must follow all laws and procedures; if not, you can lose your rights. Hence, it is always suggested to hire an expert divorce lawyer to represent you in the court.


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