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Alaska Divorce Laws

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In Alaska divorce laws, the partner filing documents for divorce must be a permanent resident of the state.

If the marriage was not duly performed in that particular province, then the opposite partner in this state adapts to the applicant’s benefit.

The charge may construct if the other partner is at the time of its beginning qualified as a residence to institute a familiar action.

In Alaska there is no requisite time period required for generating divorce actions.

Basis for divorce

An official order of the law of separation based upon the shortcomings of either party may sanction in Alaska for any of the following parameters:

  • Not able to consummate the wedlock
  • A conviction for a serious crime
  • Purposeful abandonment for a time of one year
  • Merciless treatment
  • Personal humiliation rendering life vexatious
  • Incompatibility of individuals personality
  • Habitual intoxication or fascination with drugs
  • Untreatable mental illness

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