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Know How Your Driving License Can Be Suspended

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Drivers don’t take it seriously, but committing traffic violations may lead to the suspension of your driver license for weeks and even years.

The article will tell you when and how your driving license can be suspended. Also, how can it be prevented from the same.

Multiple Moving Violations

One or two moving violations don’t usually lead to suspension in most states. However,

if you made three violations for the past five years, your driver license may be at risk of suspension. Parking tickets are not included in this case.

Point System

Suspension of driver license in most states is based on a point system where each moving violation has a designated point.

There are two major forms of the point system.

  • The first form counts moving violations as one point, and it is two points if the moving violation involves over speeding. You will get suspended if you get eight points in a span of three years, six points in two years, and four points in one year.
  • The other form counts minor violations as two points, while more severe violations may count as three, four or even five points. When a driver reaches 12 points, then his or her license will be suspended.


It is obvious that you have to keep your points low to avoid driver license suspension.

Keep track of your violations and the points you have incurred. Make sure you drive safely and avoid violations.

Attending driving school would also be a helpful activity. If you think the officer made a mistake in apprehending you, then you have to fight the ticket in front of a judge.

Yes, paying is an easier process, but this will hurt you in the long time, because your violation will remain on the record adding up to all your points.

If you want to make sure you prevent driver license suspension, it is always best to consult a lawyer or hire one, especially if you want to fight a ticket.

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