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Louisiana Child Custody Laws

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In Louisiana, if you and your ex are not reaching a mutual child custody agreement, the court can hold a hearing to determine the custody issues.

Louisiana court considers diverse factors but interest of the child will remain prime factor to determine the custody.

Other important factors include:

  • Child’s relationship and interaction with parents, siblings, and other essential members of the family like grandparents.
  • Parent’s capability to fulfill the basic needs of the child (food, shelter, education, and emotional support).
  • Mental and physical health of the child and parents.
  • Moral fitness of each parent.
  • Any history of each parent’s physical abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, and criminal offense (if any).

NOTE: If the child is 11 years or above, the court also considers his/her preferences.

Louisiana court can also award third party custody, if it senses that rewarding custody to any of the parents can be dangerous for the child.

To understand Louisiana’s child custody laws, the procedure to file for custody, and your rights, it would in best of your interest to consult or hire a reasonable attorney versed with the child custody statute of the state.

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