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Nebraska Divorce Law

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In the state of Nebraska,

one needs to show the judge that either of the partners has lived in the state for a period of at least one year prior to filling for the divorce.

In case anyone lived in Nebraska 3 years ago later shifted to some other place and

now again came back to Nebraska cannot register or file for the separation until he or she has resided here for a year prior filing the case.

If the partner continued to stay in Nebraska while the other partner was away, he or she could register the file for divorce.

  • One needs to show the judge that the marriage is over and can not be repaired.
  • In Nebraska divorce law, the dissolution of a marriage does not need a showing of misconduct by either party.
  • The Judge determines legal relationship, assets, debt segregation and maintenance besides who is at fault.
  • A simple divorce can take a time span of about six months.
  • A lawyer cannot simultaneously represent both a husband and wife in a divorce case.

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