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Vermont Divorce Law

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In Vermont divorce law, a petition for divorce can be brought in case either of the spouses has resided within the state for a time span of 180 days or more.

A divorce shall not be mandated for any reason, unless the complainer or the defendant has stayed in the state for an annum prior to the date of final hearing.

If the person has retained residence in Vermont, then temporary absence from the province due to

illness, job, work in the military camp, would not affect the requirements.

  • Complaints for separation for any reason and for confirming the matrimonial contract shall be provided in the county in which the parties reside.
  • Higher courts shall hear and consider complaints for legal separation and for affirming the bonding contract.
  • Vermont is a state of equitable distribution.
  • Title to the assets, whether in the names of the wife or husband or both or a nominee,

would not be considered unless equitable distribution can be done without disturbing separate assets.

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