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Utah Divorce Law

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Divorce can have emotional and financial consequences, both which must be managed wisely so as to avoid legal troubles. Sometimes it is hard to understand what a legal separation from marriage brings to you, as the divorce can be either mutual or in some cases, contesting.


A divorce case may differ in complexity levels depending on what is the cause of separation, who are involved, how long an existing case is progressing, or if it is a new development etc.

Hiring a divorce attorney in Utah is extremely important to reduce any burden associated due to separation and to ease, fasten the procedure of divorce.

What is Legal Separation and Divorce? How to Approach either of these?

A divorce attorney in Utah can help you attain a legal separation, which is also named as separate maintenance, where the court will decide the child custody issue, division of marital property, monetary support guidelines and other aspects. Those hoping for reconciliation can prefer this form of separation over divorce.

  • The lawyer will be able to understand what you are going through and analyze the aspects realistically, deeming practical solutions from time to time.
  • A divorce attorney in Utah is best to approach if you want to file a divorce, your spouse has filed for divorce or, you need financial and legal advice on the same and contest ahead.

As some divorce cases may need more time to ponder and contest in court or, settled between couples, you may be worried as to how much you will end up spending as lawyer’s fee. But, if you consult an experienced attorney for divorce in Utah, you do not have to worry about upfront charges during initial consultation. This consultation however would be free of any obligations.

The Divorce Attorney in Utah Will Assist You in Following Ways:

  • The attorney in Utah will discuss about the impending or ongoing divorce case, and study all its aspects.
  • From the first meeting to developing and executing a plan for action, the lawyer will offer staunch support to make your standing in the case strong and in your favour.
  • Not every separation in marriage has to stretch to a court hearing. A divorce attorney will try finding ways for settlement outside court in many ways, so that you save on time and costs.
  • If need arises, divorce paper filing will be done by the lawyer. He/she will be able to guide you through the alimony payable or receivable (if any), contest for child support and child custody, any property or claims done, simplify taxation procedure on alimony, and necessary to be meted.
  • The attorney will reduce your financial strain by offering affordable services in all kinds of financial situations.

FAQs for Utah Divorce Law

1. How Much Time it Takes to Finalize a Divorce?

Law in Utah imposes a waiting period of 90 days after filing a divorce case and before a divorce can be granted. This is mostly true for uncontested divorce, without or with children. Thus, even if a spouse agrees to all issues, it will take these many days. An attorney can aid in waiving off the waiting period.

2. Which Fees I have to pay to file for a Divorce?

You have to pay the filing fee. This fee is paid to Court directly when the lawyer submits your divorce papers.

3. Where to Go to File for a Divorce?

The attorney will file for a divorce at the Probate and Family Court in Utah or where you or your spouse lives. If a spouse lives in county where both the spouses stayed together, then it is possible to file for divorce in Probate and Family Court of that county.

4. Is There No-fault Divorce Option Available?

Yes, Utah has a no-fault divorce option. Here, you can be granted divorce without having to prove who is guilty.

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5. How to Determine the Spousal Support?

The alimony amount or amount for spousal support is decided by both parties. The lawyer can calculate spousal support as 40% of the net income (after child support) of the paying spouse, less 50% of supported spouse’s net income in case he/she is working. The spousal support can be waived off by the recipient spouse.

6. What is marked as Adultery in Utah?

If a married person has sexual relations voluntarily with someone different than his/her spouse, then it is noted as adultery. One can file a divorce on the grounds of adultery.

How to Book an Appointment?

The best divorce attorney in Utah will allow you for flexible and easy scheduling of appointments. You can book a consultation at any hour as considered suitable by you and the attorney. He/she will also understand that your situation meets quick response and respond to all communications almost immediately. You can contact to book an appointment on any of the communications line open. You can get attorney to serve you in any of the counties or cities in Utah.

There would be many consultation packages to choose from and the lawyer will work with you to determine the perfect option for your case. You can also seek custom solutions as indicated by the attorney. The attorney would allow for phone consultations as well, if not online or via email, Skype etc. Face-to-face consultations could also be chosen.

So, have a divorce attorney review your divorce case in Utah and benefit with expert advice. Get in touch for a consultation today.

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