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California Divorce Law

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In California, divorce is one of the three main ways to end a bonding or registered domestic partnership.

It is not important for both partners and domestic spouses to acknowledge ending the marriage.

Either spouse or partner can think to end the marriage, and the other spouse, even if they do not want to get a divorce, cannot complete the process by denying to participate in the case.

If a domestic partner does not participate in the divorce case, the other partner will still get an evaluation, and the divorce will go through.

  • California is a “no-fault” divorce state, which means that the domestic partner querying for the separation does not have to show that the other spouse did something sloppy.
  • To get a no-fault separation, one spouse has to state that the couple cannot be amicable with one another.
  • Legally, it is noted as the sole grounds for divorce, with adequate proof that the couple has been separated for more than a year.

Why you need a divorce attorney?

Ending your marriage can be troublesome and a little tricky if you and your spouse are not reaching a mutual agreement. Therefore, it becomes essential to consult or hire an attorney specialized in California divorce laws in such a scenario. Being a well-versed attorney, they negotiate with your partner on your behalf as per related laws and legal procedures. If needed,  the attorney also helps you to prepare your case and represent you in court.

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