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Civil Suits

Civil Law deals with the body of rules and regulations that defines the private rights of citizens and also protects them.

Civil law offers legal solutions that may be required in a dispute, and it covers a wide area of law, which includes contracts, property, family, and torts law.

Cases of civil law are divided into four major categories which are;

Contract Law

This category of civil law is associated with the agreements that are reached between two parties or more, where each of these parties are obligated to act according to their quota of the contract.

An example is the lease of an apartment.

The person to whom the apartment was leased to has the right to use the studio while the landlord is paid rent money.

Violation of any of the provisions of contracts by any party results in a civil issue known as breach of contract.

Tort Law

Tort law refers to a branch of civil law that deals with an injury to a person or his/her property alongside civil wrongdoing.

A tort refers to a civil wrong done to one person or thing by another and ends upon injury to the person or property damage.

The injured party is often compensated with money. There are three categories of torts: Negligence, Strict Liability, and Intentional Tort.

Property Law

This branch of civil law deals with both real property and personal property. Real estates are lands, landed properties, and the compositions beneath the land surface, such as oil and minerals.

Personal properties are tangible, including jewelry, merchandise, and are also intangible, including stocks, bonds, patents, etc. There are two types of property law Trespass and Conversion

Family Law

This branch of civil law is associated with marriage, divorce, child custody, and other issues that affect the family. This branch of civil law is unique as it does not require committing a civil wrong.

Terms related to Civil law:

The preponderance of the evidence, Stare Decisis, Common law, Beyond a reasonable doubt, Chattels, Case Law, and much more.